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Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training

The objectives of Good Clinical Practice training are to help nurses:

  • Develop knowledge of practices for maintaining the safety and well-being for all human volunteers participating in clinical research.
  • Develop understanding for applying practices to maintain the safety and well-being for all human volunteers participating in clinical research.
  • Develop an understanding of the overall drug development process.
  • Develop an understanding of FDA regulations and guidelines.
  • Develop employability knowledge and skills related to clinical research practice.

Participants who complete the training will earn 7 CEUs for the one-day class and 13 CEUs for the 2-day class. Training is held in Vigor’s corporate offices. To register, click the button below.  For questions regarding the training, please contact Vigor at 919.381.4343.


Hear What Vigor Graduates Are Saying

John Gibbs, Sr. Clinical Research SpecialistPatty Vaudo, CRCJian Ma, CTACierra Murdaugh, CMAJennelle Dobson, CRAJames Ndon, Aspirant CRA-	Dr. Nasya Sturdivant, UNC Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Vigor’s clinical research coordinator training program this past spring. The program was extremely informative held at a very professional level as opposed to the typical academic class setting. The hands-on training, clinical site visit, and stress-free daily knowledge assessment were all valuable in making this a very conducive learning environment. Furthermore, Carolyn’s extensive experiences in clinical research arena provided first-hand account of the do's and don’ts of a CRC which will help me perform this job at a high ethical standard. In all, I highly recommend this training program to those interested in transitioning into clinical research.”
John Gibbs, Sr. Clinical Research Specialist
“Carolyn brings a wealth of clinical research knowledge to Vigor's training classes and provides a comprehensive understanding of drug development and the specific responsibilities of a CRC/CRA. With small classes, Carolyn adapts to her students’ different learning styles through engaging lectures, interactive classroom exercises, detailed report writing, quizzes and practical internships. Carolyn ensures her students have both a mastery of the material and the soft skills needed to succeed in the role of a CRC/CRA. To me, Carolyn is more than an insightful teacher, she is a mentor and a friend. I highly recommend Vigor's training classes!”
Patty Vaudo, CRC
“Vigor's CRA training academy refreshed my existing knowledge with greater insight about clinical research, and added a new level of skills by combining classroom lecturing and interactive exercises. It is a good start for anyone seeking to work as a CRA or CRC in this industry.”
Jian Ma, CTA
This training course has helped me land a job in the clinical research field. Before I took this course, I had applied to several positions within the industry never receiving a response back. I met Ms. Stroud at a local networking event and she told me all about the CRA training and the upcoming class. The class gave me the tools and knowledge needed to understand the industry better such as the terminology, roles and responsibilities of key players particularly the CRA, GCP, and much more. What I learned also helped me when I interviewed with the organization I work for. When I was asked industry related questions, I responded with confidence because I knew and understood exactly what was being asked.
Cierra Murdaugh, CMA
I’ve been trying to become a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) for a few years now. I put in the hard work and even had the support of my project team members but never received an offer for the role. I decided to be more aggressive in pursuing a career as a CRA and reached out to Carolyn Stroud, CEO of Vigor Biopharma Solutions, and enrolled in their CRA training class. Initially, I had little to no knowledge about the CRA role and learned so much! Now I am equipped with the knowledge and understanding that I need to be successful as a CRA. I also made great connections and new friends throughout my journey with Vigor and received continued support even after the training concluded. This training elevated my confidence and after informing my employer that I completed Vigor’s CRA training, I am happy to announce that they offered me a CRA role starting June 2019! If you are pursuing a CRA career, I definitely recommend taking the CRA training through Vigor Biopharma Solutions, Inc.
Jennelle Dobson, CRA
I write with the highest confidence to recommend Vigor Biopharma Solutions, Inc. for CRA training. I have known Carolyn Stroud, the CEO of Vigor Biopharma Solutions since 2017 and I can professionally vouch for her excellent insights in the field of the clinical research. If you are considering a transition into clinical research, especially as a CRA, Vigor Biopharma Solutions offers a pathway to do just that. Vigor’s immersive training program strikes balance between classroom lecturing and interactive class exercises. As a public health Professional, my transition into clinical research has taken me through two different CRA training programs. Vigor stood out for the in-depth and professional insights and I especially enjoyed the mock site qualification, initiation, monitoring and close out visit exercises. We monitored a Phase II study for Sickle Cell Disease, conducted 100% source data verification, drug accountability, regulatory review and submitted a comprehensive monitoring visit report. It is a unique mirror into the CRA role. I can’t think of no better way to be equipped for readiness as a CRA than to check out Vigor Biopharma Solutions. Its devotion to developing professionals for clinical research is inspiring and worthy of commendation.
James Ndon, Aspirant CRA
I graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2018 with a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. Upon graduation, I explored numerous career options and became increasingly interested in the rewarding field of clinical research management. Unfortunately, I had no working experience in the field. Even though I had a Ph.D. in a very translational field I had zero luck in breaking into the clinical research field even at the entry-level. I went to multiple networking events and made numerous connections. My connections were kind enough to inform me of different job postings at their respective companies, unfortunately these opportunities seldom panned out. My luck turned around at a North Carolina Biotechnology Center networking event, where I had the pleasure of being introduced to Carolyn Stroud, CEO of Vigor Biopharma. Vigor provided me with the tools necessary to become well-versed in clinical research, good clinical practices, and career paths in the field. I was also introduced to clinical research organizations, such as the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), and senior associates in clinical research management. Thanks to the tools and connections provided to me by Vigor, I not only was contacted to interview for a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) position with a contract research organization (CRO) but I also excelled in the interview and was offered the position. I would like to personally thank Carolyn Stroud for taking the time to help me prepare for the interview and assisting in my career placement. I greatly benefited from the services provided by Vigor Biopharma and would recommend them to anyone looking to break into the field of clinical research. Ultimately, I turned down the CRA opportunity for a laboratory management position at UNC Chapel Hill Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, but I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained in clinical research and am excited to utilize it in a teaching and hospital setting.
- Dr. Nasya Sturdivant, UNC Dept. of Biomedical Engineering