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Employee loyalty is highest when they are valued by their peers, empowered by their leaders, and recognized by their organization.
On-Demand Talent
Don’t have time seek out and develop talented clinical staff? Vigor partners with you to locate and place qualified resource to your organization.
Save Money
Streamline your hiring process. Vigor’s resource planning and onboarding solutions drive efficiency while improving trial start-up timelines.
Top Notch Talent
Vigor attracts, develops and delivers a highly skilled clinical research workforce.
Business With Attitude
Vigor’s innovative training, and sourcing methods are designed to align with Clients operational and budget requirements.

Contingent Staffing

In today's clinical research environment, staffing pressures are constant. Whatever your resource constraints, Vigor’s contingent staffing is a cost effective, talent rich solution to support your operational needs. At your nearest convenience, Vigor is available for a clinical resource planning consultation.
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Extremely Flexible Contract
  • High Turnover Reduction
  • Study Timelines Control
  • Ongoing Team Support

Contingent to Permanent Hire Placement

Vigor’s contingent to permanent placement option is a short term, long term hiring solution. On occasion, our Clients work under labor budget constraints that may limit or influence their hiring practices. The work must go on! Vigor can assist by offering flexible staffing contract terms, allowing a smooth conversion of that ‘great fit’ team member from contingent worker to a full time equivalent arrangement. This option provides a reduction in costs associated with standard recruitment practices, including advertising and formal interviewing.
With this option, your organization reduces the amount of money and time spent on placing costly ads and interviewing candidates while increasing the ability to find the right person for your team.

Vigor Has a Solution

Our clients operate under a wide range of clinical monitoring strategies to deliver their program objectives. By following the approved Clinical Monitoring Plan, Vigor’s CRA professionals easily adapt to a range of monitoring methods, whether targeted risk based, on-site 100% data verification, or remote monitoring.

Vigor CRAs are deployed in both office and regionally-based working environments. Workplace policies, protocol demands, or study budgets will dictate whether the CRAs are company office or home office based. Flexibility is a cornerstone of Vigor’s Clinical Monitoring Solutions.

Clinical monitoring has evolved tremendously over the past 10 years due to a global emphasis placed on delivering greater efficiency and effectiveness in data verification, management, and analysis. Vigor’s Clinical Monitoring Resource Model dramatically improves quality, reduces cost, and provides greater confidence in day-to-day site management. To learn more about Vigor’s customized monitoring resourcing strategies, please click below.

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Vigor’s ‘Therapeutic Training Advantage’

Vigor CRAs and CRCs are therapeutically trained by our expert medical consultants in preparation for immediate assignment to a study team. We understand and appreciate therapeutic training is provided to the study team prior to study startup; however, Vigor’s training provides a robust foundation of therapeutic knowledge.
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